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The Many Benefits of Eurycoma longifolia (Tongkat Ali)

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The Eurycoma longifolia / Tongkat Ali herb has been around for thousands of years and it reputation has come to be known through it's successes. This indigenous Asian herb, especially associated with Malaysia, has become a sensation worldwide. Its uses have come to include more and more over time and increasing clinical trials on the medicinal properties of the herb have proven its worth.

Tongkat Ali's most popular use recently has been with the problems of erectile dysfunction and sexual potency in men. This herb was not originally used this way by the Malaysian and Asian people but has become to be highly valued for this purpose. Most Tongkat Ali products are found as supplements, root powder or root chippings. The supplements can sometimes have prescription doses if they are pharmaceutical drugs. On the other hand root chippings are used for production of extracts that can be used for drinking for the purpose of increased virility in both men and women. The root powder can be added to beverages and food.

Tongkat Ali is being widely used by athletes and body builders as a safer supplement to synthetic thermogenetic fat burners. Tongkat Ali has been known to reduce fatigue and give energy boosts. This is ideally from the thermogenetic properties of the herb and it is safer than synthetic thermogenesis drugs as it has fewer side effects and has no addictive properties.

Tongkat Ali has been recently discovered to be used as a remedy for anxiety. The herb contains components that are ideal for calming a person down. The constituents of the herb have been analyzed and found to have a soothing effect on the mind.

Other long time uses of the herb Tongkat Ali include fever and fever wounds treatment. It is still used for treatment of these ailments today. For years, Tongkat Ali has been used for the treatment of fever in Malaysia and the use is quite common. The other long standing use of Tongkat Ali is for an anti-malarial drug. This use is well established and also medically proven through a wide range of clinical trials. The other medicinal values of Tongkat Ali are for anti-bacterial and anti-fungal remedies, which have also been clinically proven.

Tongkat Ali is being used for so many purposes due to its antioxidant components. It is also currently receiving wide-spread used as an anti-cancerous remedy. Its other uses include treatment of urinary infections, kidney diseases, skin infections and erectile dysfunction.

Tongkat Ali supplements have become a widely used commodity worldwide and with its popularity counterfeit products have been introduced to the market. It is important when buying Tongkat Ali products to ascertain the country of manufacturing origin as Malaysia, Indonesia and India are known to be the major producers of Tongkat Ali products.

Tongkat Ali products have over time become sophisticated to suit the needs of the users ranging from Tongkat Ali herbal tea, wines, chocolates and coffee. Their availability has been improved with online sales making the herb available worldwide in such products as Tmax200.


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