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Many hormonal changes take place in our bodies as we age. This can be due to illness or just simply to getting older. Cells begin to function slower and sometimes stop functioning altogether the older we get. There are many medical causes for a decrease in testosterone production. An increase in prolactin will cause a decrease in testosterone. Dysfunction of the thyroid gland as well as Cushing’s syndrome will cause problems with erection. Prostate resection, drugs for high blood pressure and health problems of a neurological order may be responsible for lowered testosterone.

The herb Eurycoma longifolia has been used in Indonesia for a long time, perhaps centuries. It is actually a small evergreen tree with long, thin leaves and a native of the island of Borneo. Its primary use there is for sexual stamina and increased virility. Since it increases desire as well as performance, it is an herb that is much in demand.

Some human studies have been done on this herb and the researchers came to the conclusion that those men in the treatment group showed significant improvement in their lean body mass, strength and muscle thickness. These results were not found in the group that took placebos. All other studies had been performed on rats which showed a higher sperm count, increased sexual proclivity and higher testosterone levels after being treated with Eurycoma longifolia.

It has been determined that Eurycoma longfolia increases libido in males which have decreased testosterone by stimulating precursors of the hormone. With the increase of your body’s natural production of testosterone, you will benefit in several ways. Health benefits include the reduction of belly fat that becomes the bane of the middle aged. This belly fat is different from the fat gained at a younger age. This fat, which wraps itself around organs situated in the abdominal cavity and damages them, can lead to all kinds of other diseases in time.

Many herbs and foods have been touted as aphrodisiacs. Most of them do not really qualify for that distinction. The herb Eurycoma longifolia has proven its efficacy in boosting sex drive by its primary function of elevating the hormone testosterone. Testosterone, 17beta-hydroxy-4-androstene-trione, is an androgen derived from its precursor androstenedione. It is responsible for the male sex drive and performance. It is sometimes used by bodybuilders because of its properties that will result in an increase in muscle mass. As we age, muscle mass decreases substantially; in fact we lose ten percent of muscle mass every decade after age thirty.

Eurycoma longifolia has extensive medicinal properties in addition to the increase in testosterone and the enormous boost to your libido. It has been documented that this herb can act effectively as an antibiotic, fever reducer, soothes ulcers and has defenses against tumor growth.


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