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Symptoms Of Low Testosterone Levels

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Men are now a lot more open than they were just a few years ago about their sexuality. That is the result of all the new medications to increase testosterone levels or to fight erectile dysfunction and that openness is a very good thing. It is no longer a taboo to discuss these subjects which some men had trouble doing even to their doctor. There are signs that your testosterone levels may be on the decline, and you should listen to the signs that your body gives you. The most obvious one is of course the lack of energy as we age to do anything; that includes a lack of energy in the bedroom.

There are a few conditions that can cause your levels of testosterone to drop that are not just age. For example, the levels can go down if your immune system has been compromised by an immunological disease like HIV. Obesity can also affect your testosterone production and in fact obesity can also result in ED. If you suffer from type 2 diabetes it is recommended that you check your testosterone levels with your doctor and that you do so often. If you have suffered some sort of injury to the testicles, then it can impede the proper production of testosterone to take place. Finally keep an eye on the possibility of testicular cancer.

You have read about the main causes of lower testosterone production and they mostly have to do with your body and diseases or hormonal problems that you may have. There is also the possibility of a reaction to medication which can affect your testosterone levels. It is important that when taking a medicine that you know the possible side effects and if you see any sign of those side effects that you talk to your doctor. Your physician will change a prescription if necessary to keep your testosterone at a healthy level. Even with all the studies, some causes are still unknown to this day.

There are several treatments for a low testosterone level, although one of the most effective ones is to use supplements that include Eurycoma longifolia as one of the ingredients. It has been proven a lot that this ingredient will help you bring up your testosterone levels and it does so in a natural way. Keep in mind that your doctor will be able to tell you what your own levels of production are and if there is something else that you should be doing or if a prescription needs to be changed. Do not change any dosage without consulting your doctor first because a lot of times production can be leveled off with a simple change in routine and prescription.


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