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Low Testosterone As The Cause Of Many Diseases

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Symptoms of low testosterone in men are often depressing to the male. Low testosterone not only manifests itself in lower sex drive, there are many other issues that are directly involved with the effects of a decrease in the male hormone. As young boys grow into young men, their testosterone levels naturally increase. It is what gives them their deeper voice. It is what makes them male. Secondary sexual characteristics result from a surge of testosterone, such as an increased size in testes and penis. Testosterone is also responsible for a man's muscle mass and that he keeps the muscles he has. His strong bones also depend on the constant supply of testosterone to flow through his blood.

A slow decline in testosterone begins at the early age of thirty. By that time, many of the young men are married and have families. When their sex drive slows down, many will attribute this decline to getting older, working hard, being stressed and being married for years. They accept the common belief that to lose some interest in sexual activity is just a fact of life. This is probably a complete myth.

Low testosterone can actually be the cause, not the result, of many middle age ailments. If your blood test shows a testosterone level below the range of 250-300 ng/dl, then you are testosterone deficient. Some of the diseases that could be caused by low testosterone are diabetes, obesity, infections, testicular injury or tumors as well as some types of liver disease. These diseases may be present for some time but won't manifest themselves physically until your testosterone levels dip below two hundred nanograms per deciliter. You may experience weakness and fatigue earlier on but those are such vague symptoms that they could be from anything at all.

If you have a bone density test and it shows your bones are thinner and more porous than expected for your age and physical condition, you may want to have your testosterone levels checked. Another indicator that testosterone levels may be too low for a normal male is if you and your partner have been trying to have a child and no pregnancy occurs. Low fertility or infertility can often result from the low sperm count that has its roots in low testosterone.

There are several treatments available to boost your testosterone levels. Many, through conventional medicine, may involve getting regular injections of testosterone. All of these treatments include visits to the doctor which can be quite costly over time. The cheapest and best treatment, however, is an herb that grows in Indonesia and Malaysia, where it has been known for ages to boost testosterone levels. It is called Eurycoma longifolia. This treatment has gone through human testing and been found to actually increase testosterone. Taking Eurycoma longifolia is non-invasive, it is painless and it will not be detrimental to the prostate hyperplasia as conventional medicines may be.


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